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  1. Cut string between two delimiters in Go
  2. CKAD Certification
  3. On Exercising
  4. Profiling Go Service remotely in kubernetes
  5. Write a counting Message Sampler in Go


  1. Testing Grpc Service in Go using nettest
  2. Using Wasm(Rust) in Envoy Proxy - Part 2
  3. Using Lua filter in Envoy Proxy
  4. Using Wasm in Envoy Proxy - Part 1
  5. Auto Instrumenting a Go server using Open Telemetry
  6. A simple tiered Cache in Go
  7. Go Modules Meetup Talk
  8. Can we use slice as Map Keys in Go
  9. How to make VScode Go work in a Multi-Module Repo


  1. Reselect Last Visual Selection in Vim
  2. Increment Decrement Numbers in Vim
  3. Book Review - Software Engineering at Google: Lessons Learned from Programming Over Time
  4. 2020: My Reading List
  5. My Home Office Setup
  6. Work from home and Corona Virus


  1. Running Kafka in Docker on Mac


  1. writing files completely to disk in go
  2. backoff and retry in go


  1. a quick introduction to standard streams, file descriptors, and redirection
  2. standard bash error codes


  1. Review: The Go Programming language
  2. using io.SectionReader in Go
  3. Go Lang notes
  4. using io.LimitReader to read a binary file


  1. Working with files in go lang