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  1. Work from home and Corona Virus


  1. Find Celebrity Problem in Go
  2. Two Dimensional Slice in Go
  3. Reverese Integer in Go
  4. Reverese String in Go


  1. Running Kafka in Docker on Mac


  1. run tests one package at a time in go
  2. Generics - I Wish You Were Here...
  3. running a single test multiple times in golang
  4. writing files completely to disk in go
  5. backoff and retry in go
  6. Is netflix new facebook?
  7. Distributed systems class by Aphyr
  8. go slice array allocation gotcha
  9. http multiple registration error in go
  10. send key value messages to kafka from console producer
  11. how to see assembly code for a go program


  1. google hangouts wants to chat with me
  2. var block changed to init function in assembly
  3. rise of the robots by martin ford
  4. how do you write error statement
  5. notes on Stories of your life and others by Ted Chiang
  6. what do you learn from technical videos
  7. go puzzlers and thoughts
  8. Why there is no place like home - thoughts after reading
  9. Sunday reading the privileged immigrant
  10. aeon newsletter Nov262016
  11. Alan Kay interview by Joe Armstrong
  12. question about type assertion in go
  13. block youtube on apple mac osx using Parental Controls
  14. Using if condition in a defer statement
  15. how not to handle errors in golang
  16. remove big file from git repo
  17. get back to blogging
  18. laptop repair
  19. good read on golang and generics
  20. weekly reading 19July
  21. weekly reading 9July
  22. bash fifos and golang channel
  23. a quick introduction to standard streams, file descriptors, and redirection
  24. standard bash error codes
  25. weekly reading 2July
  26. weekly reading 26June
  27. gophercon 2016 here i come
  28. weekly reading 19June
  29. using consul acl with golang
  30. weekly reading 12 June
  31. consul service discovery using golang
  32. weekly reading 4June
  33. weekly reading 29May
  34. pretty print JSON in golang
  35. weekly reading 22 May
  36. weekly reading 15May
  37. unmarshal to map
  38. do we need so many data scientists
  39. https server in go


  1. Review: The Go Programming language
  2. Issue with white space in json struct tags
  3. killing process with child and grandchild processes in Go
  4. Podcasts I listen
  5. running commands with go
  6. My Go Lang Development Workflow
  7. using io.SectionReader in Go
  8. Go Lang notes
  9. goto Chicago Conference 2015
  10. testing in go lang
  11. Pointer type in Go
  12. using io.LimitReader to read a binary file
  13. Thinking, Fast and Slow
  14. Get operating system name in Go
  15. Books I read in 2014


  1. human++
  2. Working with files in go lang
  3. Particles of the universe
  4. The Ultimate Bar Book
  5. Go lang boiler plate sublime text snippet
  6. lethal code
  7. Find Mimimum Value in an array in go
  8. GO lang book
  9. Working with smart people
  10. Pragmatic Programmer
  11. Gustavo Duarte - All about computers
  12. GO Programming Book by Jeremy Saenz
  13. array and slices in go
  14. learning go