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On Exercising

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Staying fit as you age is a required but challenging task. I am getting close to 40’s and want to keep myself fit for as long as I can. But finding time from hectic schedule(family, work etc.) to regularly exercise can be hard sometimes.

This is where habit building and incentives come into picture. I was listening to Scott Hanselman and learned a neat trick to motivate myself to exercise 4-5 times a week at least. The trick is to stack and activity that you like with an habit that you want to build. So I started watching TV shows/Movies while running on treadmill. And listening to podcasts while exercising in Gym. That has helped me to stay on track for most of the time. Now this habit has been a part of my daily routine and something that I look forward to doing every day.

This is how my exercise tracker looks for last week. I finished Stranger Things this way and watching few more things on Netflix now.

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