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My Home Office Setup

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I have been working from home for last 4 years. Initially I thought that I can get by a laptop and couch. But that’s not how it played out. Very soon I realized that I need to have a proper home office setup if I want to work from home for a long duration. And here I am after 4 years. I have acquired quite a few things, and this is a running list of that.


  1. 2019 Macbook Pro(Office) - This is my work laptop, it is connected to 27 inch monitor. I keep this laptop hidden in a desk drawer. I use ergonomic Ergodox EZ glow keyboard as my main keyboard, this is a split keyboard and helps my right shoulder.

  2. 2012 Macbook Pro(Personal) - This is my personal machine and I use it for blogging, personal project and other stuff.

  3. Raspberry Pi(piHole and other stuff) - I use piHole to block advertisement for my whole house. I use a standalone raspberry pi.


I have 3 desks in my home office room. 2 of those are from Ikea and 1 is a motorized satnding desk from Costco.

  1. Motorized Standing Desk

  2. Manual Standing Desk

  3. It is a custom one, I bought a white color table top and few table legs from Ikea, and assembled it in true Ikea fashion.


SteelCase Leap is my main working chair. I toggle between standing and sitting(70% standing, 30% sitting) while working. This is a great chair, I bought it on discounted rate. It has great customizability and comfort settings.


LG 27UK850-W 27" 4K UHD IPS Monitor with HDR10 with USB Type-C Connectivity and FreeSync is my main work monitor. I like one screen at a time, so laptop is hidden. This monitor gives me enough screen space to work with.


  1. I use Ergodox EZ Glow as my keyboard. I started feeling some stiffness in my upper back and neck last year. After consulting doctor and bunch of x-rays, I decided that it was time to change my posture and use ergonomic accessories. This keyboard has been life saver. It some getting used to it, but I am back to my normal 55-60 WPM now. I also got interviewed by ergodox team and here is that interview - Varun Saini

  2. I like mechanical keyboard and also have a spare WASD Code Keyboard, I am not using it now a days, but I am sure I will find a way to use it soon.



  1. Sennheiser HD6XX for listening to music and zoom chat.

  2. Apple earphones for travel etc.

  3. Anker soundbuds curve for working out and running.

  4. Ikea Symfonisk is used for music and podcast listening.


Logitech 960 - I keep my laptop hidden and there are few disadvantages to that. We use zoom for video call and meetings in office. I was not able to use my laptop cam for video calls. So I bought this webcam from Walmart. It has been great addition to my setup. Now I can use this webcam for both video and mic.