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How to make VScode Go work in a Multi-Module Repo

  1. go
  2. vscode
  3. gopls

At work, We have a multi-module(nested go modules) repo and VSCode is always having problem with that. I was chatting with gopls team on slack and came to know about a new feature that helps with multi-module and VSCode + Go.

There are 2 ways to fix this issue in VSCode Go extension -

Multiple modules

if you have multiple modules or nested modules in a single repo, you will need to create a “workspace folder” for each module.

Workspace module (experimental)

If you want to work with all the nested modules in a single workspace, there is an opt-in module feature that allows to work with multiple modules without creating workspace folders for each module. Set this in your settings -

"build.experimentalWorkspaceModule": true

More information about this feature is available at official gopls documentation.