array and slices in go

November 15, 2014   

In go lang, an array looks like this -

var x [5]int

where x is an array which is composed of 5 ints.

Same as other c family languages, arrays are indexed starting from zero.

arrays length is fixed and go provides another type slices to work with this situation.

var x []int

x is a slice and has a length of 0.

We can also create a slice using builtin make function.

x := make([]float64, 5, 10)

Where 5 is the length and 10 is the capacity of the underlying array.

If you have programmed in python than there is a way to create slices that look entirely familiar.

arr := []int{1, 2, 3, 4, 5}

x := arr[0:5]

x is a slice of arr and holds all the values. You can change the values by changing the index in x.

x := arr[1:2]

We can also omit the low:high from slice.