Books I read in 2014

January 1, 2015   

I read 7 books (and ton of artilcles in pockets app) this year.

Pocket app stats

Most of the books that I read were technical ranging on different topics. I read couple of physics books such as Hidden In Plain Sight 2: The Equation of the Universe and The particles of universe.

I read one fiction book Lethal Code, which I didn’t like much. It had a great promise but writing could have been better.

For 2015, I am planning to read at least 15 books and will try to add some variety this time. I want to read some good fiction, non-fiction, science, technology books. I also have a backlog of 4-5 books that I need to finish this year.


  1. Thinking Fast And Slow
  2. Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products
  3. Pragmatic Programmer
  4. The Last Passenger
  5. The Fallow Season Of Hugo Hunter

Some of these books I got from Amazon Prime (Kindle First) and haven’t got a chance to read yet.

I am currently reading 2 books-

  1. The ultimate bar book
  2. The Way to Go: A Thorough Introduction to the Go Programming Language

And also tons of articles again in 2015.

Happy Reading All.