Podcasts I listen

September 19, 2015   

I find podcasts informative and entertaining. Every week I listen to at least 3-4 hours of podcasts. I can only listen to podcasts when I am in gym or in car. I can not listen while working because of distraction and I do not want to be hit by cars, so I also do not listen while walking. But it seems that I can still get at least 4-5 hours every week and that’s enough time to listen to most of these podcasts.

These are the podcasts that I listen to:

  • Inquiring minds - This is my favorite science podcast. The topics are diverse and hosts are really good.
  • Planet Money - Who would not like Planet Money. It is informative and interesting at the same time.
  • 99% Invisible - A podcast about design, architecture and other interesting things related to them.
  • Freakonomics Radio - This is my favorite too. If you are interested in economics/phycology and their impacts on world, Do not miss this podcast.
  • Hanselminutes - My only dev podcast. Scott Hanselman talks to people about different technologies and ideas.
  • This American Life - This is also a popular podcast. Topics are diverse and interesting.
  • The Nerdist - If you like stand up comedy and want to listen to some interesting people talk in very open environment, this is the podcast for you.

I also listen to some other podcasts if I find some interesting topic, otherwise these are the podcast that I listen to.

What are the podcasts that you guys like, Please share.