December 30, 2014   

We all talk about an omnipotent AI that will come some time in future and might kill (hypothetically) its masters (humans in this case). I will love to have intelligent robots but I don’t see it happening soon. What I believe will happen before AI take over the world, human++, more intelligent humans. If we look carefully we will see subtle changes and technical breakthroughs that are happening around us and pointing towards a brave new world. Some people call this phenomena “Singularity” but I call it human++.

There are many cutting edge research and experiments happening to make this a reality. Some of these are mentioned below and well worth you time to check out.

1. Nano-bots and biological uses

Ray Kurzweil and Robert Freitas discuss the future of nanotechnology

2. Human Mind interface

Microsoft research on brain computer interaction

3. Exoskeletons

MIT media lab on exoskeleton and their usage in augmenting humans

4. Fight against aging :

Google calico

All the things and others will make humans more intelligent, more resilient to disease and other medical issues, more powerful and may be someday Immortal.

I am no scientist or philosopher, I am just a mere human who sees the things changing around him and trying to connect the dots. It is not easy to understand what is going on but I am an optimist and believe all these changes will make humans better and might one day make us an inter galactic species.

We all know that AI is good, but you know what is best, more intelligent humans.