testing in go lang

May 9, 2015   

Testing is an integral part of software development and as a squad (if you are wondering what is a squad in software company setting, check Spotify Culture) in MediaMath, our mantra is that “Regrassion Resistence is a software requirement” and should be taken care from the start of the project. We give a lot of emphasis on testing the software and having a good test coverage. We have written some tools around go coverage and go get cove to help us with our testing process.

Go is a batteries included programming language. Go provides testing as part of standard library and that means testing is a first class citizen in Go world. Writing a test in Go is as easy as writing a function. The test function start with TestXXXXX and you can write as many tests as you want. If you have a file such as “github_api.go”, you can group the tests(create a test suite) for that file in a test file with a name as “github_api_test.go”.

Go tests are run with go test command.

A Sample function:
package abc

func Add(a, b int) int {
	return a + b
Test function:
package abc

import "testing"

func TestAdd(t *testing.T) {
	var a, b int = 2, 3
	v := Add(a, b)
	if v != 5 {
		t.Error("Expected 5, got ", v)

You can learn more about Go lang testing package at testing, if you want to look at the source code testing source code.

P.S. In Go documentation, if you want to check package documentation just use “http://golang.org/pkg/(packagename)" and if you want source code “http://golang.org/src/(packagename)".